Newton Fund Researcher Links Regional Workshop Grant

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We are now in the process of recruiting participants for the workshop. We have set up a link for relevant information and application form here:

Key documents

Grant Agreement PDF and Schedules and Appendix/Annex which all form part of your contract as listed below:

  • Schedule 1: Special Terms
  • Schedule 2: Project Proposal
  • Schedule 3: Standard Terms
  • Schedule 4: Project Summary Budget
  • Schedule 5: Guidelines for Applicants
  • Schedule 6: Researcher Links Reporting Requirements
  • Schedule 7: Bank Details form
  • Schedule 8: Detailed Workshop Guidelines
  • Schedule 9: Branding Guidelines


Grant Agreement


The Grant Agreement is a legal contract between you and the British Council. It is split into several sections. Please ensure you read the whole document so that you are familiar with your responsibilities. If there are any details that are incorrect or that you don’t understand, please get in touch and let us know before signing.


Please can you:

a)       Print (two copies), carefully read and ensure an appropriate representative of your institution  or delegated authority at your institution signs both copies of the Grant Agreement.

b)       Ensure the bank details form (Schedule 7) is signed and returned as soon as possible. Please do so even if we already have bank details for your institution-this will support the swift payment of the grant.

c)       Ensure your institution returns a fully signed and scanned electronic copy of the Agreement (including Schedules1, 3 and 4) to UK-Researcherlinks@britishcouncil.orgby 23 February 2018.

d)       Ensure your institution returns 2 signed original hard copies of the Agreement (including Schedules 1,3 and 4) to: British Council, The Boat, 7th flr, 49 Queen’s Square, Belfast BT1 3FG (FAO: Vanessa Ross) by 26 February 2018.


Please note that we reserve the right to withdraw the offer of the grant if we have not received your signed Grant Agreement by the date stated above. 



Funding for your workshop has been approved based on the information in your agreement. Any changes to your agreement must be approved by the British Council in writing in advance of the proposed change.


Until the Grant Agreement has been signed and returned to us, any costs associated with your visit are incurred at your own risk. Also, please be aware that the amount awarded in this Grant Agreement may be less than the amount you requested in your application. All budget requests are assessed and amended if necessary to ensure the grant payment does not exceed the maximum rates. Please refer to ‘Appendix 1 – Country specific guidance and grant rates’ within the Workshop Grant Guidelines within the Grant Agreement.


We will pay 90% of the grant award within 30 days of receipt of the signed Grant Agreement. Please note that the grant can only be paid to an institutional bank account belonging to your institution. The remaining 10% of your Grant will be processed pending the receipt and assessment of your Final Report.


Please ensure:

a)       Your institution completes the Bank Details Form (even if these have already been submitted for a previous grant).

b)       Follow the instructions closely as outlined in Schedule 7. The Bank Details Form needs to be printed onto your institution’s letter headed paper and signed by the legal representative.


We advise all Newton Fund participants to read the UK government travel  advice here and advice on health risks here National Travel Health Network and Centre before travelling to partner countries.


Final Report

The Final Report helps us to record and audit the achievements of your workshop. It needs to be completed and returned to us within 30 days after the workshop.


Please be aware that there is a risk to the funding of your workshop if we do not receive a complete copy of this form back within the allotted time. Furthermore, If the workshop has not been delivered as planned, or if fewer participants attended than originally envisaged, resulting in a reduction in costs, the final payment may be withheld and if necessary a proportion of the grant recovered (please see the detailed workshop guidelines for more details).

You can find the Final Report Template attached to your Grant Agreement.



As part of your funding you are expected to complete an initial pre-visit questionnaire and a post-visit questionnaire. The data collected through these questionnaires will form an important element of monitoring and evaluation of the Researcher Links Programme.

The initial online questionnaire needs to be completed ASAP. Please find the link below: